Interesting Finds While Listmaking

So I’ve been rearranging some lists recently. I do that every six-eight months or so for lists that are pretty set in stone (though I suppose this stone is rather soft, seeing as it’s able to be written over). I was just looking over the Perfume list, and all seemed to match my tastes at this particular moment in time until I remembered that I hadn’t factored in the “Spice” single. Then I began thinking even more, and I thought and thought until I came to the conclusion that “Spice” may very well be my favorite Perfume song right now. Continue reading

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Review: Daisy×Daisy — 永久のキズナ feat. Another Infinity (Towa no Kizuna)

MiKA is quite something else. She actually has a really nice voice, and she really shined in her last two singles. But for some reason this single seems to sell her short, mostly because of the types of songs that can be found on it. They aren’t as soft as “Evidence” or “HOLY SHINE”. The title track has anison written all over it, and although normally I’d love that, I really prefer MiKA to be singing lighter songs in that genre, as with her last two singles. I’m really excited to see what we’ll get from her first solo album, which is going to be released the 16th. Anyway, I’m not saying that 「永久のキズナ feat. Another Infinity」 is a poor single, I just mean that compared to the last two all-around perfect releases it falls into a lesser ranking. But I do like it. I don’t think I could not though, because I’m incredibly biased. Ahaha. Besides “Namae o Tsukete Hozon”, the only other thing I can say I truly dislike about this single is that there are only two versions of the cover and both of them are just pictures of anime characters from what I presume to be Fairy Tale. Why? Sell Daisy×Daisy, not a crappy anime–note: I have no idea if Fairy Tale is actually crappy, I just dislike it when I see anime characters as I scroll through my Cover Flow on Itunes and peruse my CD collection.
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Review: Perfume — スパイス (Spice)

The last single before the release of 「JPN」, which sadly won’t have many new songs on it at all. But until the 30th, we can bask in the excellence of this single. 「スパイス (Spice)」 is everything that we love from Perfume, and it’s another release to add to their long-running streak of amazing singles. Seriously, this era has been stellar. I cannot wait to hear those new album songs. And let’s talk about covers again. This has to be my favorite Perfume cover yet. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 onto the review!
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Review: Kikkawa Yuu — ハピラピ~Sunrise~ (Hapirapi~Sunrise~)

Finally get a chance to review this. Although the single was overall less impressive than her debut, it still contains four pretty solid songs that follow the same pattern as the last single. But this single does take the crown over the last one in terms of covers: really eye-appealing color scheme. In general, I very much enjoyed this single. None of its songs came anywhere near “Candy Pop” and “Fuyuzora Hanabi”, but they were good nonetheless. I really like Kikka’s voice, so I’m fine honestly fine with anything.
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Review: Tamura Yukari — Endless Story

Yukarin’s 20th single was released on October 12, and look at that cover! I love the colors. It reminds of candy-canes and those scented Yankee candles. It’s quite festive, and although it was released in the middle of the Fall when I listen to the song and see that cover I can’t help but think about the upcoming holiday season.
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Songs of the Month — September & October 2011

I forgot to post up September’s songs of the month, and so I thought I’d just combine the September and October posts into one.
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Review: Faylan — ALIVE

Late again, but for a better reason! I’ve been listening to this album a lot, so that counts for something, doesn’t it? 「ALIVE」 is by far a better album than 「Polaris」. Nine new songs! NINE! That’s how an album should be. Listening to this album felt like listening to a Nana album for me: each song was unique and excellent. Faylan seriously stepped it up with this album, and I cannot wait until the next era begins with the release of “Blood teller” on November 9. Although, one thing I don’t understand about Faylan’s last two albums is why a certain single from each era have been left out of their respective albums: “Senjou ni Saita Ichirin no Hana” wasn’t on 「Polaris」, so I figured it would be on 「ALIVE」. It isn’t, and nor is “Shuumatsu no Fractal”, the first single to be released this year. Odd how certain songs are left out. But oh well! Doesn’t really matter. Onto the review!
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