Introduction Post!

I find introduction posts to be a necessary prerequisite to the content of a blog, and so this would be that introduction post! I suppose I should start with a little about myself, for the basis of the blog is already outlined in the About page. And so without further adue~
My hobbies include: writing, watching the History/Science channel, thinking, Mizuki Nana, organizing my Itunes library, playing World of Warcraft, and talking to my wonderful girlfriend.
Things I hate include: hotdogs, intolerance, Naruto, busywork, rap music, conflict, competition, sports, math, Night Elves, and other things of which I can’t think of right now.
Things I love include: My girlfriend, jpop (of course), Italian cooking, Shugo Chara!, Code Geass, Kodomo no Omocha, gummy candy, violins, literary symbolism, imagery, ancient cultures, theoretical science, astronomy, neurology, fantasy-based worlds, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, 2008 Buono!, songs with intense bass, and other things.
Things I think are okay include: Kpop, bagels, Tanaka Reina
Top 3 Favorte Artists: Mizuki Nana, Chihara Minori, Buono!
Favorite Song: “Astrogation” by Mizuki Nana
As of now I’m finishing up my Junior year in highschool (11th grade), and in college I plan on double majoring in Creative Writing and Literature in hopes of teaching high school English and writing novels on the side. It should be fun!
That’s about it I suppose. I guess now I can get to posting things!

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