Chihara Minori 7/6 new single 「Planet patrol」

The title of Minorin’s 12th single has been revealed: 「Planet patrol」. The single is to be releases on July 6, 2011, and I have high expectations for it–it has to live up to 「Defection」 after all. With a name like “Planet patrol”, I of course expect something synth-heavy for a more futuristic feel; but then again, “Freedom Dreamer” confused the heck out of me until I heard it, and it turned out to be a simple summer single. Not that I don’t like 「Freedom Dreamer」, but I much prefer Minorin’s violin-synth stuff to her sometimes generic pop tunes. Either way, a space-themed cover would look awesome no matter what the title song sounded like. Since Minorin still seems to be in an experimental phase with her music (releasing a really various array of song-types), I really can’t predict what the B-sides will sound like. The two 「Defection」 B-sides were really good, but they weren’t 「animand~agitato」 or 「Sunshine flower」.  Anyway, we’ll see. I’ll probably be preordering the single within the next few days.

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