Review: Berryz Koubou — 愛の弾丸 (Ai no Dangan)

Berryz Koubou released their 26th single 「愛の弾丸 (Ai no Dangan)」  yesterday, June 8. This is actually a pretty great single overall: A-side is pretty good, and the B-side is even better. The PV is interesting, but it just feels weird for Berryz for some reason. The cover is just freaking cool, though. But onto the review:

1. 愛の弾丸 (Ai no Dangan)
The line distribution is actually just a bit better than the last single, which is fantastic. Saki, Chinami, and Maasa really do deserve lines; they have really nice voices (Saki being my 2nd favorite member). But anyway, the song is really catchy, but at the same time could be seen as repetetive. It seems like the chorus could be a bit more powerful, but it’s alright that it isn’t. Overall, it’s worth listening to. I do like it, but “Heroine ni Narou ka!” was better.

2. 思い出 (Omoide)
This song is just generally better than the last, which isn’t all that surprising given the recent awesome B-sides released by H!P groups. It also follows the synth-trend that we’ve seemed to have with H!P since…2007. Haha. It’s catchy,  and the 8-bit sounding sounds throughout are really cool. Also, what I was talking about with the A-side, about power, this song seems to have much more of that. Line distribution is pretty decent, too. A really great song!

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