Review: Morning Musume — Only you

Morning Musume’s 46th single, 「Only you」 , was released yesterday much to my excitement. I have been waiting for this since it was announced, and let me just say this single does not dissapoint…unless you were hoping for more 9th gen solos. I had speculated that Tsunku would be allowing the new generation more lines than the 8th gen got when they joined, but it seems that “Maji Desuka Ska!” was just a tryout to see which of the 9th gen members was most popular (or which one Tsunku liked more). But I suppose this was to be expected seeing as Sayashi Riho is the best singer and dancer of the new generation (and also the youngest). So when Ai leaves perhaps we’ll be left with Morning Musume starring Tanaka Reina and Sayashi Riho. Is that a good thing? I digress…

1. Only you
My first impressions of this song were mixed due to its immediately catchy chorus but incredibly confusing and choppy verses; however, once I got used to those verses I began to love the song completely. I have a feeling I may find this to be the best song MoMusu releases all year. The chorus is catchy and singable (I haven’t really gotten this song out of my head since I heard it), and the synthy beats are excelent. The only problem is that Ai and Reina steal the show again, surprisingly sprinkled with Sayashi Riho and an auto-tuned Risa solo<—in regards to that, Risa being my favorite member I much prefer her voice normally; although, I do think she sounds kind of cool in this. At first a little skeptical about the 9th generation because of their young ages, I actually think Riho’s parts are my favorite of the song. That’s kind of weird. But, anyway, this is probably the best single since “Seishun Collection” back last summer. On top of that, is has an awesome music video.

2. やめてよ!シンドバッド (Yamete yo! Sinbad)
Well this is drastically different from the A-side, but it’s strangely fun to listen to despite the weird expression I made upon hearing it originally. It’s only slightly generic, only very slightly. I’m sure with more listens I’ll find more things unique about this, but as of now I prefer the last B-side to this song, and the B-side before that. If “Only you” < “Seishun Collection” then “Tomo” < “Yamete yo! Sinbad”. Haha. It’s upbeat, and I suppose that’s good. And everyone gets a line! I like Risa’s parts, but I’m also biased. Geneally this is a good song, and to some it may be more appealing than the A-side, whereas I’m the opposite.

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