Junketsu Paradox CM/first impressions

Well, I haven’t posted anything in about two weeks. Why? Patch 4.2 came out on World of Warcraft and I had a lot to do. During that time I missed out on a lot of things; for example, I made the stupid mistake of forgetting to preorder Minorin’s “Planet Patrol”, and now CDJapan is out of the first press. But, oh well. It’s not like I missed anything Nana related, right? Right?! Wrong! I was late to the party when the Blood-C ending version of Nana’s next single, 「 純潔パラドックス Junketsu Paradox」 , and now I’m probably the last to see this commercial for the single! How dare I put quest grinding and dungeon finding before Nana! Shame!

But anyway, I have a lot of nice things to say about this little clip of awesome.

First of all, I loved “Mugen” and its PV, and so I am all for Nana’s channeling of the elegent darkness that the “Mugen” PV brought. Ponytail Nana is rare, and awesome. And ALI PROJECT fans may be pleasently reminded of the “Katana to Saya” PV, which I certainly loved. Hell, even Nana’s hair reminded me of Kawada Mami. Why? I don’t know. But anyway, this CM is really getting me excited to see the rest of the music video, which may indeed turn out to be as brilliant as the “Etsuraku Camellia” PV. The cover certainly fits with what we’re seeing of the music video right now, which is always nice. It just looks pretty! All the more reason to finally buy a Nana Clips? Or…buy all of them? My lame blu-ray player is from the U.S. so I can’t play any Japanese DVDs unless I use my laptop, but that’s not happening because this thing’s fan is wicked loud. But, we’ll see.

I suppose I should also take this time to post about my first impressions of the actual song. Well, it certainly gives me the same feeling as “SCARLET KNIGHT”, but is slightly less epic, more smooth if that makes sense (but still extremely powerful as many Nana A-sides are). I love it, but that’s to be expected seeing as its Nana. So far (although this very well may change), I’d rank this as #4 out of the 5 songs Nana has let us heard as of this year (I haven’t counted the “Junketsu Paradox” B-sides of course), with “SCARLET KNIGHT”, “UNBREAKABLE”, and “HIGH-STEPPER”, being numbers 1 through 3 respectively. I love the bass guitar in the song and the song’s overall more hard pop feel as compared to the powerful string sound of “SCARLET KNIGHT”. Now this is something I will not forget to preorder. Can’t wait to hear the B-sides!

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