Kikkawa Yuu 9/21 new single 「ハピラピ~Sunrise~」

Kikkawa Yuu is finally releasing her second single, 「ハピラピ~Sunrise Hapirapi~Sunrise~」 …at the end of September. But, ok! That’s fine! It’s better than never hearing from her again! She debut at the beggining of May, and it’s good to see her back again; although, the preview of the new song is slightly dissapointing. Why? Kikka’s last single proved to be much more of a mainstream j-pop single than most of what H!P releases, which I really liked. Sure, “Kikkake wa YOU!” sounded like an H!P song should, but the B-sides were much less so. “Hapirapi~Sunrise~” sounds VERY H!P, and I’m really hoping the B-sides will turn out to be similar to the last singles’. And that brings us to the next piece of information. As with the last single, there will be multiple Limited editions and a bonus for each of them: Limited A (DVD), Limited B ( c/w “Love you forever”), Limited C (c/w “水色 Mizuiro“), Limited D (“Sweetie”). The regular edition will have a remixed version of the A-side as its B-side, and if it’s anything like “Kikkake wa YOU!”‘s remix it should be awesome. Anyway, I’m sure there will be more info as we near September.

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