Natsu Dakara and partenza

On the 20th, Buono! will release their second single since their return, 「夏ダカラ! Natsu Dakara!」. Wow is this song different. It’s like they channeled “Take it easy!” and “Urahara” and then added something else entirely. It’s different, and really nice. Although I’m a much bigger fan of Buono!’s older songs, I still love their new stuff and was ecstatic when I heard they would be returning to the scene with “Zassou no Uta”. I’m glad their still going with this single. I grew to really like this song after about three listens, after the initial shock at the style. The only thing that concerns me is that AIRI IS THE MIDDLE AGAIN. Tsunku, you’ve already let Airi take over C-ute–even giving her her own damn single, “SHOCK!”– please do not give her Buono! too. I’m all for Airi (in Buono!), but one thing I’ve always loved about Buono! is their equal line distribution and equal chance to be in the middle of music videos/single and album cover shots. The Airi era was from “Take it easy!” to their last Pony Canyon single “Our Songs”, but we’re picking it back up again with Airi in the center! If anything it should be Miyabi’s turn again (as was the best era of Buono! =P). Grr! I hope this doesn’t continue! Airi got the most lines too! Grr! Rant over.

Anyway, their first album since their comeback will be titled “partenza”
The cover looks pretty cool, but guess whose in the middle -.-

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