Review: Chihara Minori — Planet patrol

I know I’m late to this, but I explained why. Questing! QUESTING! But anyway, 「Planet patrol」 turned out to be overall a decent single, although the A-side and its odd PV were completely unexpected (although, I love both the song and the PV XD). The cover threw me off, but then I heard the first B-side. I’ll get to the review now.

1. Planet patrol
At first listen, I was so surprised. The name confused the heck out of me in relation to how the song sounded and especially how the PV looked. I really liked the story behind the music video though, after a few watches. The song is overall really upbeat and synth-friendly, which is always a great thing with Minorin (EX: “Tomorrow’s Chance”). Overall I really, really like this song and expect myself to listen to it on loop for a while. Haha.

2. 赤い棘のギルティ (Akai Ibara no Guilty)
And this song makes the cover make sense. I really would’ve liked a music video of this song with Minorin on a high speed police chase (XD). Can’t let the gun and hat go to waste! It’s a bit too fast for me, to be honest, but I’ll grow to like it. It’s not that I don’t like it, I just like the A-side more. I do like Minorin’s voice in this song though ^__^

3. purest note ~あたたかい音 (purest note~Atatakai Oto)
This song is nice, but a bit forgettable, as some Minorin pop-tunes are. It is slightly unique, and I’m sure after a while I’ll grow to like it, but for now it is a meh. But, tis Minorin, so again, I shall grow to like it.

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