Review: Buono! — partenza

Okay, so Buono! went in a completely different direction with this mini-album. Could this be the beginning of a new era for Buono!? The styles on this album are not the Buono! we’re used to. It’s weird to hear them with anything but pop-rock songs, but wow is it impressive. The whole album is overall great. This should be fun to review.

1. partenza~レッツゴー!!!~ (partenza~Let’s Go!!!~)
Wow, talk about an opening. The chanting was a bit weird at first, but with more listens it went from strange to epic; as did the rapping in this song; as did the auto-tuned voices in this song; as did the song’s chorus. The electronic feel is unique to anything Hello!Project has ever come out with, at least to my knowledge. This song really sets up the whole album. During its final seconds, one realizes that they’re in for a strange, and potentially awesome ride.

2. 雑草のうた (Zassou no Uta)
The first Zetima single. I was excited for this song’s release, and I do like the song, but it just doesn’t do enough for me. It’s a good song, there’s just nothing entirely special about it. As Buono! keeps releasing material, this song may get lost within the discography as “Our Songs” seems to have. This song did do one thing though: it let us know that Buono! is back to take their rightful permanent place within the H!P roster. And isn’t that the greatest gift of all? What am I saying…

3. フランキンセンスΨ (FrankincenseΨ)
Each member got a chance to lead a song on the album, and this was Miyabi’s. Miya being my favorite member, I knew I was going to like this song before I started listening to it (this blogger is very biased). I love the the song’s beat and pace, and the synths remind us of the first song on the album. Personally, I would’ve placed this as track number two, but I suppose placement doesn’t matter when I’m just going to listen to this song shuffled in with everything else I listen to. There’s only one problem I have with this song, and its that Miyabi’s voice seems to get overpowered by the music at some parts.

4. My alright sky
Who is that singing at the beginning? Random girl inserted for English is odd, but alright! And then the first verse starts and I couldn’t believe my ears. This is Airi’s lead song, and umm, wow. I don’t think I’ve heard Airi sound better in any song I’ve heard her sing in…ever. Never thought I’d hear an R&B-esque song on a Buono! album, but I think this is my favorite song on the album. In fact, this song has really given me a new-found appreciation for Airi’s singing. It’s wicked impressive. I would love to hear this live. Beautiful song.

5. 夏ダカラ! (Natsu Dkara!)
This song was correctly placed here. The second Zetima single, released just a few weeks ago. My feelings on it really haven’t changed much since when I reviewed it. I love it.

6. キアオラ・グラシャス・ありがと (Kia Ora Gracias Arigato)
Momoko’s lead fits her well I think. It’s really energetic, but it sounds too generic to really stand out. It’s like it could be a B-side to one of their singles. It’s good, but not great. I’m bored musically, but Momoko sounds great here. I’ve always really liked her voice though (especially live). I just sort of wish she got a song more like Airi’s. I think she could do a ballad really well.

One of the B-sides from “Zassou no Uta”. I love this song. No one has a solo, but the girls sound great together. This has to be my favorite song since their comeback so far. Not sure why. I mean, it feels like I should be bored with this song, but I’m not.

8. 1/3の純情な感情 (1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou)
A cover of the 1997 song of the same name by SIAM SHADE. I think the girls did it justice. The song itself is definitely in the same vein as the rock style we know from Buono!. Their voices have really matured from their earlier stuff. I like that =)

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