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Review: m.o.v.e — anim.o.v.e 03

Kinda late, but oh well. Wanted to listen to the album a bit more before posting about it so I had a better feel for which song was which (because musically a lot of the songs sound the same on … Continue reading

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Review: Morning Musume — この地球の平和を本気で願ってるんだよ!/ 彼と一緒にお店がしたい! (Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun da yo! / Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai!)

Geez, the titles of these songs are longer than some ALI PROJECT album songs. It is here! Takahashi Ai’s last single before graduating from MoMusu and Hello!Project. So sad! What will Morning Musume be without Ai? After ten years, Ai … Continue reading

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Songs of the Month — August 2011

I have decided to begin a new segment: songs of the month. Looking at some of the above covers you may be wondering why songs that were not released this month are displayed. Well, this can be explained by this … Continue reading

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Review: Ayane — Crest of Knights

Ayane’s last single 「十字架に捧ぐ七重奏 (Juujika ni Sasagu Shichijuusou)」 had its one year anniversary on August 25, 2011, a day after this single’s release. Yeah, we’ve been waiting a while. But the wait was certainly worth it, as Ayane’s singles are … Continue reading

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Review: Berryz Koubou — ああ、夜が明ける (Aa, Yo ga Akeru)

I know I’m late with this. The single was released on August 10, but to be honest I’ve been lazy. The third Berryz single to be released this year, 「ああ、夜が明ける (Aa, Yo ga Akeru)」 is equally as impressive as the … Continue reading

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The next two months…

September and October are going to be quite hectic. With school having officially started, I’ll have less time to blog. The unfortunate (yet, of course awesome) part this is that there is a truckload of releases scheduled for the next … Continue reading

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