Review: Faylan — ALIVE

Late again, but for a better reason! I’ve been listening to this album a lot, so that counts for something, doesn’t it? 「ALIVE」 is by far a better album than 「Polaris」. Nine new songs! NINE! That’s how an album should be. Listening to this album felt like listening to a Nana album for me: each song was unique and excellent. Faylan seriously stepped it up with this album, and I cannot wait until the next era begins with the release of “Blood teller” on November 9. Although, one thing I don’t understand about Faylan’s last two albums is why a certain single from each era have been left out of their respective albums: “Senjou ni Saita Ichirin no Hana” wasn’t on 「Polaris」, so I figured it would be on 「ALIVE」. It isn’t, and nor is “Shuumatsu no Fractal”, the first single to be released this year. Odd how certain songs are left out. But oh well! Doesn’t really matter. Onto the review!

Piano opening is really interesting, and then the guitars pick things up. This was quite the opening, and in fact it is single-worthy, sounding like a song Faylan really should be doing. There isn’t one part of the song I disliked. It really sets up the rest of the album, and after hearing this I could not wait to hear what else was packed into this disc.

I don’t know
Okay, so this song is some kind of combination of “Last vision for last” and “mind as Judgment”, and it works. Synths and violins. It sounds like a Minorin song. Haha. Excellent vocals here, too. The rap bridge is a bit odd, though. I don’t really expect to hear Faylan rap. Haha. But other than that, a great song in its vocal prowess and overall uniqueness.

Last vision for last
I never really liked this song when it first came out. It’s pace was a bit odd. But all of a sudden after hearing it placed after “I don’t know” I strangely asked myself, “why didn’t I like this song before?” Haha. Geez. But I don’t like the “hey!”‘s before the chorus. Those are lame an unnecessary. I like the synths again, as with the last song (and this single’s b-side). Faylan is definitely more of a rocker, but she can pull these kinds of songs off too.

正直に生きろ! (Shoujiki ni Ikiro!)
Much more upbeat than the last three songs, “Shoujiki ni Ikiro” is actually really fun to listen to. The chorus is really catchy, and the overall feel of the song is something we don’t really hear much from Faylan. We return to the rock sound with this song, up-tempo rock. I think I’d like this in concert. I can see this becoming a sort of fan favorite, actually.

本能のDOUBT (Honnou no DOUBT)
One of my favorite Faylan songs! Good placement after the last song, “Honnou no DOUBT” has that same kind of upbeat rock feel (although its a much faster tempo than the last song). Not much else to say. I love it!

亡霊達よ野望の果てに眠れ (Bourei-tachi yo Yabou no Hate ni Nemure)
An epic rock song, kinda like “SERIOUS-AGE”. “Bourei-tachi…” is used as the 11th ending of Katanagatari, an anime I don’t know anything about besides that ALI PROJECT did one of its opening’s, “Katana to Saya”. But anyway! I love how the drums pick up during the second part of the chorus. The song is actually pretty awesome.

The last single to be released in the era, “TOMOSHIBI” is a good song, but it really isn’t anything special. It bores me a little musically, but of course Faylan’s singing makes up for it. It’s a pretty normal rock tune, one that you would expect to find in Faylan’s discography. It’s got a good chorus for a generally decent song.

I can’t explain why, but this is my favorite of the new songs on the album. This is so unlike Faylan. I mean, it’s a pop song. But, something about it made me want to loop it from the first listen. The whole song is freakin’ catchy, and I cannot get enough! Synthy, poppy, happy goodness *___*

記憶の秘密 (Kioku no Himitsu)
What a difference from the last song. It sounds dark, and honestly if this was a single I think I’d pair it with the limited edition cover (above). Just seems to fit. Haha. We’re back into the rock songs from the last song’s break. It’s actually pretty hardcore. Haha. I like it, just not as much as some other songs.

しずかな蜜より赤い蜜 (Shizuka na Mitsu Yori Akai Mitsu)
The first b-side to appear on the album, and the b-side of the first single of the era “Last vision for last”. In my opinion this song is ten times better than the A-side, and it is my second favorite song on the album overall and another of my favorite Faylan songs. The most synth-heavy song in her discography, it’s also probably one of the coolest. A+ song. Love it.

I actually really like this song. It’s like, R&B, and of course something different for Faylan. But, it’s still good. Quite a drop in pace from the last song, so interesting placement. Haha. But, good song! Nice chorus!

Another step back into the rock songs. I actually found this song rather disappointing. The chorus doesn’t pick up enough in tempo from the chorus, and it had potential to. The song sort of feels lacking to me, and it is sort of generic. So, eh. Not the best, but I’m sure I’m alone on this. I could see a lot of people liking this.

螺旋、或いは聖なる欲望。 (Rasen, Arui wa Seinaru Youbou)
Damn good song! The 4th single of the era, this song sounds like a darker “Honnou no DOUBT”. The cover is freakin’ cool, as is the music video (which I will not link to, sorry). Faylan is just plain cool.

Woah that was a cool second opening. Unfortunately that’s really all this song has going for it. Sorta boring. She’s using her “HAPPY SOUL DANCE” voice. Haha. It sounds a bit like a lighter “Shoujiki ni Ikiro!”. It’s definitely more of a pop song than a rock song, despite the guitars and such. Not a bad song, just not enough to do it for me.

素晴らしい世界へ (Subarashii Sekai e)
The b-side on 「灯-TOMOSHIBI-」. This is the PERFECT song to end this album. My 5th favorite Faylan song, and her best ballad. This song shows us just how well Faylan can sing, and I’m usually not one for ballads. The addition of drums in the second chorus really sounds nice, and picks things up just enough. The song really has a nice progression throughout it. It’s really nice. I love this song, and I’m really glad it made it onto the album!

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