Review: Tamura Yukari — Endless Story

Yukarin’s 20th single was released on October 12, and look at that cover! I love the colors. It reminds of candy-canes and those scented Yankee candles. It’s quite festive, and although it was released in the middle of the Fall when I listen to the song and see that cover I can’t help but think about the upcoming holiday season.

Endless Story
The title track reminds me of “Tomorrow” in a very good way. Yukarin does these songs well, and I want more of this. Her last major single, “Platinum LOVERS day”, was released in January and after listening to it excessively it got boring and it felt too normal when compared with the rest of her discography. What I’ve noticed with Yukarin is that her more unique songs stand out more in a very good way, as opposed to, say, Mizuki Nana, who’s best songs never really stray from the style we’re used to from her. Anyway, I love the violin opening to the song and the melody that continues throughout it. An overall good song, and one her best singles in a while; although, it’s rather short at a mere 3:49.

Rainy Rainy Sunday
A catchy pop tune, “Rainy Rainy Sunday” is much more expected of Yukarin, but this is again said in a good way. I never said that cute songs had to be boring, I just prefer her of lesser Lolita. But this is one win of a B-side. Yukarin’s B-sides are generally top-notch, so I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed with this single. The song is a pretty easy listen. It’s much softer than the last song, and it seems to just flow through your ears smoothly. I like the harmonica, too. A really nice song!

太陽のイヴ (Taiyou no Eve)
Woah! It sounds sorta tropical, like it could’ve been used as a theme song to Jungle wa Itsumo Hare Nochi Guu. Ahaha. It’s wicked fun! I can just picture Yukarin doing some sorta lame dance on stage. Ahaha. The verses enter easily enter into the chorus, yet the instruments that begin the chorus are abrupt and it really makes the chorus pop out. Another win B-side, although I’m going to have to say its a bit lesser than the last two songs on the single just due to my own personal preference, but this is one of those singles where there’s a style for everyone. I like it when singles and albums are packed with songs that give the listener a taste of all of the artist’s styles. It makes for an overall good release, and 「Endless Story」 was certainly an all-around good release.

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1 Response to Review: Tamura Yukari — Endless Story

  1. 157 says:

    agreed with the Endless Story,It’s the best song I ever heard from Yukarin :)

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