Review: Kikkawa Yuu — ハピラピ~Sunrise~ (Hapirapi~Sunrise~)

Finally get a chance to review this. Although the single was overall less impressive than her debut, it still contains four pretty solid songs that follow the same pattern as the last single. But this single does take the crown over the last one in terms of covers: really eye-appealing color scheme. In general, I very much enjoyed this single. None of its songs came anywhere near “Candy Pop” and “Fuyuzora Hanabi”, but they were good nonetheless. I really like Kikka’s voice, so I’m fine honestly fine with anything.

ハピラピ~Sunrise~ (Hapirapi~Sunrise~)
When I first heard the song, I was a bit disappointed in how simple it sounded. It didn’t feel like anything special, and it still really isn’t. I mean, it’s really catchy and fun, but I prefer “Kikkake wa YOU!” (mostly because it was of course her first song, and it made a huge impact on me, despite it being generally being the same as this song). I find myself losing interest in the song really quickly, and even as I was writing this post up I forgot I was listening to it. It feels like a longer song than it actually is, and that isn’t a good thing. But again, I do enjoy it. I won’t bother reviewing the remix. “Kikkake wa YOU! (REMIX)” was a lot better just because the original song simply was better for remixing purposes; although, “Hapirapi ~Sunrise~ (REMIX)” pretty much sounds the same anyway.

This single’s much lesser version of “Fuyuzora Hanabi”. “LOVE YOU FOREVER” is a bit more R&B, but it keeps the same slower pop feel that “Furuzora Hanabi” had and its still pretty awesome. This is probably my favorite song on the single. I want more songs like this. I think Kikka does her best when she can actually show off her voice as opposed to having it masked by blaring, bass-heavy, all-over-the-place idol music.

水色 (Mizuiro)
The “Candy Pop” for its rock-oriented style, but “Candy Pop” is fifty times better than this song. “Mizuiro” is sort of cutesy rock mixed with the state of being generic. It feels really lacking as compared to her other songs, and I probably won’t be listening to this song much. Don’t get my wrong–I like it. I just don’t like it like I like her other songs, and so I would rather listen to them over this.

I think I’d love this song more if it was sung by someone that wasn’t Kikka. I just feel like she’s above songs like this. But oh well. I really like this song, I just wish this single had less cuteness and more room for Kikka to impress us with her voice alone. For this song, the chorus is really fun–in fact, the whole song is. I really enjoy listening to it, and this is a song I would choose to listen to deliberately. A lot, probably. But it might get old fast. For now, though, I’m good with this song.

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