Songs of the Month — September & October 2011

I forgot to post up September’s songs of the month, and so I thought I’d just combine the September and October posts into one.

(Kare to Isshou ni Omise ga Shitai!) — Morning Musume

I can’t get enough of this song, and it’s a serious contender for Song of the Year (but it will more than likely lose to a certain Mizuki Nana song…). But I LOVE this song. I can’t stop singing along. Ahhh. This song makes both the September and October lists.

素晴らしい世界へ (Subarashii Sekai e) — Faylan
I was really glad to see this song make her latest album. This song is so beautiful, and I listened to this for hours at a time in September. Faylan’s voice is superb.

Fullmoon Rhapsody — Ayane
From her latest single, all three of the songs on 「Crest of Knights」 were awesome, and although this song isn’t my favorite it sure did last the longest for me. Cool song.

Tomorrow — Tamura Yukari
“Tomorrow” is one of Yukarin’s best songs, and a gem in her discography for going outside her usual fancy-baby-doll songs in order to dive into a more typical anison style. Only a few of her songs do this, with the recent example being her latest single “Endless Story”. Yukarin does these songs really well though.

ラブサイン (Love Sign) — Tamura Yukari
Another Yukarin song, “Love Sign” is another one from her usual style. It’s cute and the chorus is damn catchy. Baby baby baby baby my my my mine~ I freakin’ love this. Haha.

answer to the master — Daisy x Daisy
When I first heard this song back in April, I found it a bit odd. The chorus is a bit strange with the lyric’s pace, but it actually really started to grow on me in September after a sudden urge to listen to it. It got more enjoyable as I kept listening to it, and now I can firmly say that I like it. Heh heh.

(Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa o Honki de Negatterun da yo) — Morning Musume

Kicking off the October list is the first part of Morning Musume’s latest single, and its almost as good as “Kare to Isshou ni Omise ga Shitai!”! As I keep listening to it it may be just as good. Seriously, I thought “Only you” would be my favorite MoMusu single this year but September’s double A-side extravaganza was just amazing. I haven’t liked idol songs this much in a long long while. It feels like “Kono Chikyuu…” and “Kare to Isshou ni…” will never get old. They get better and better with each listen, particularly this song! Another song I can’t stop singing *__*

only my railgun — m.o.v.e
I don’t think I’ll ever like the original, but I listened to the m.o.v.e version a lot this past month. The song itself is great, but I’m sorry Nanjo. I just can’t. I will have to settle for a nice dose of Yuri and motsu.

ALIVE — Faylan
Faylan’s latest album 「ALIVE」 will more than likely win Best Album of the Year. I mean, seriously. There was nothing wrong with the album: every song is complete win. The title song is the first piece of awesome that we got off the album, and I really have found myself switching between this song and the two other Faylan songs that make the October list.

(Bourei-tachi yo Yabou no Hate ni Nemure) — Faylan

A kick-ass song. The order seemed to be that I would listen to “ALIVE” first, then switch to this song, and then onto “LOVED SEASON”. Seriously, 「ALIVE」 is an incredibly album.

Again, really not a song you’d hear Faylan doing. But it’s so…I don’t know. There’s something about it that’s so awesome. It quickly became a favorite of her songs. I want to loop it and loop it and loop it. So good!

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