Review: Daisy×Daisy — 永久のキズナ feat. Another Infinity (Towa no Kizuna)

MiKA is quite something else. She actually has a really nice voice, and she really shined in her last two singles. But for some reason this single seems to sell her short, mostly because of the types of songs that can be found on it. They aren’t as soft as “Evidence” or “HOLY SHINE”. The title track has anison written all over it, and although normally I’d love that, I really prefer MiKA to be singing lighter songs in that genre, as with her last two singles. I’m really excited to see what we’ll get from her first solo album, which is going to be released the 16th. Anyway, I’m not saying that 「永久のキズナ feat. Another Infinity」 is a poor single, I just mean that compared to the last two all-around perfect releases it falls into a lesser ranking. But I do like it. I don’t think I could not though, because I’m incredibly biased. Ahaha. Besides “Namae o Tsukete Hozon”, the only other thing I can say I truly dislike about this single is that there are only two versions of the cover and both of them are just pictures of anime characters from what I presume to be Fairy Tale. Why? Sell Daisy×Daisy, not a crappy anime–note: I have no idea if Fairy Tale is actually crappy, I just dislike it when I see anime characters as I scroll through my Cover Flow on Itunes and peruse my CD collection.

永久のキズナ feat. Another Infinity (Towa no Kizuna)
The piano opening is my favorite part of the song, and it honestly mislead me into believing we’d have “Evidence” part two, which wouldn’t have been a bad thing at all. But here we seem to blend “Evidence” with “Brave your truth” and we get this semi-fast-paced, bass-heavy song which is driven entirely by its awesomely catchy chorus. MiKA sounds great as usual, and I love the held “Arigatou”s at the end of the chorus, but again it is the lesser when compared to her other Fairy Tale tie-ins. Still a really good song nonetheless, though. Overall it gets a B+, and I know that seems rather high even after I keep saying that its weak compared to her other songs, but then that should give you an idea of what I think of her other songs. Ahaha.

ナイトメア feat. 1640mP (164×40mP) (Nightmare)
Here’s the gem on the single, and it’s very much like her other songs. A straight-forward rock tune where MiKA sounds excellent–right in her element. This is the kind of song that I want to hear more of from her. Best one on the single.

名前を付けて保存 feat. デッドボールP×cosMo@暴走P (Namae o Tsukete Hozon)
Ok this song is weird, and I never expected to hear this kind of thing from MiKA. It’s cute and just…odd. I mean, the chorus is unbearably catchy, but its still too weird to enjoy even that section of it. I feel like this song could be reserved for Mano Erina or some other Hello!Project soloist, but it feels so out of place for MiKA. So yeah, onto the next song.

メルカトル feat. おにゅうP×ピノキオP (Mercator)
So we have what sound like 8-bit-esque synths playing at different periods of the song, and I kind of wish they were eliminated. If we just kept this as a traditional rock song, it would sound a lot better and it could probably be compared to “Nightmare” a little more than it can now. It’s a decent song, but those synths really ruin it, and MiKA sounds a bit different here. Oh well, it’s only 3:26.

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