Interesting Finds While Listmaking

So I’ve been rearranging some lists recently. I do that every six-eight months or so for lists that are pretty set in stone (though I suppose this stone is rather soft, seeing as it’s able to be written over). I was just looking over the Perfume list, and all seemed to match my tastes at this particular moment in time until I remembered that I hadn’t factored in the “Spice” single. Then I began thinking even more, and I thought and thought until I came to the conclusion that “Spice” may very well be my favorite Perfume song right now.

That says a lot. I’m not one of those types that changes their favorite songs every week when a new release comes out. Mizuki Nana’s “Astrogation” will be my favorite song forever, and up until this point my two favorite Perfume songs have been tied for first-place: “Dream Fighter” and “love the world”. But now, thinking about it, I like “Spice” a lot more than both of those songs. In fact, for some reason I look at “Spice” as an absolute perfect song. I like everything about it, and I can’t say that about some other Perfume songs, which get old sometimes. Now I know this song just came out, and it may very well get old soon, but I don’t see that happening. The tempo is perfect, it’s short and sweet, and listening to it, it’s like it brings me to a whole new world, through a wormhole of computer blips and autotune. It’s quite a pretty song, if that’s possible. Anyway, for now I think I will leave it at that on this topic: “Spice” is now my favorite Perfume song.

I hadn’t realized how many damn good songs have been released this year. I usually come up with a list of the top 25 best songs of the year, but I’m having such a difficult time. I’ve got it narrowed down to 52 songs that are just so good I can’t decide over them! There will be a lot of changes from the 6 month list that I posted back in June, although there’s no way the #1 will change. Nana songs usually top the charts, which isn’t necessarily fair, but I like what I like. it’s my list, and Nana is my favorite artist, so I guess that’s bound to happen. Besides, “SCARLET KNIGHT” is absolutely amazing.

I seriously need to buy things that I’ve missed out on from being poor. It’s really starting to get me down. “THE MUSEUM II” came out two days ago and I don’t have it yet. I want to hear “ROMANCER’S NEO” (the only new song), and I’m sure whatever was done for “SUPER GENERATION –MUSEUM STYLE–” is going to make me love that song five thousand times more than I already do. I mean, a remix of such an upbeat song. What could it be like? “Justice to Believe (MUSEUM STYLE)” wasn’t that different from the original, but I’m sort of hoping that the Super gen. remix will be a surprise. I can’t wait. And do cover a song that was from the last Museum era is so interesting; it really shows the importance of the song. But what I really thought was cool was that “Meikyuu Butterfly” made it on the album. A remix of it, of course. I wonder how that will sound. I feel like it’s going to be much better than the original, which for some reason I never cared too much for even when Shugo Chara! was the only way I knew Nana. I can’t wait to see what she’s done with the song. The fact that it is from SC! is special for me, too. Makes me feel like I’ve really come a long way as a Nana fan. SC! feels so far away, and now we’re here, with the release of Nana’s second Best-of album and the dawning of my third year as a Nana fan. And many more to come!

You know, if I was to give an “Artist of the Year” award to someone, it would be Faylan. Honestly, she’s released pure gold this year. Her singles were pretty darn great in some shape or form, especially with “Blood Teller” just being released, and her album was absolute win. I am very pleased with how it seems she’s becoming more and more popular, getting music videos and releasing a lot more. She’s becoming quite the artist. i can’t wait for more!

“Polyrhythm”: this was at #4, but I’m going to move it up to #2. This song never got old, even if I have to hear Poririzumu like twenty times in the chorus.

Minorin’s “TERMINATED” is an awesome song. I wish I had the money to buy the single. It’s probably as good as “Defection”, but I feel like within about a week of good listening to it I’ll either think it’s slightly worse or slightly better than it. We’ll see. It’s got that nice “Paradise Lost” style that got me into Minorin in the first place. I’d just like to know why she likes to set her music videos on the sides of cliffs. The song’s PV looks just like that of “Melty tale storage” and “Voyager Train”, which look kinda like Nana’s “Zankou no Gaia”. Like, what the heck? Haha. Speaking of “Zankou no Gaia”, that thing just moved into the top ten on my Nana song’s list after being #12 for so long. It’s #6 now, because honestly I could never get enough of that song. It’s my favorite song live, and it’s just…ahh. So goooood. “Longtime favorite “Trickster” moved down to #17 for being underplayed. I barely listen to that anymore. I got most of my listens out of that song in 2009. That’s too bad. And “SCARLET KNIGHT” is up at #15 for being so epic.

You know who I don’t listen to that much anymore? Buono!. And Berryz Koubou I guess. I’ve really seemed to grow out of H!P, even if they are my Jpop roots. Well, I suppose my real roots are random anime themes, but my first real branching into Jpop was through Buono! in 2008. That feels like so long ago. Ahaha. Wow. I guess it really was though. Haha. Wooow. Time goes by quickly. Anyway, I seem to still love Morning Musume, and they’re the last of H!P that I started listening to. i was too intimidated by their massive discography to try to get into them, but my girlfriend suggested it, being a big fan herself. And so here I am with “Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa o Honki de Negatterun da yo!” stuck in my head.

I really like Nana’s “Mugen”. Speaking of singles, she’s releasing another in January. That’s confusing. Album eras are usually three singles long for Nana, but now she’s adding a fourth? Perhaps one of the singles will be omitted on the album? It’s possible, but highly unlikely. And since that’s the case one of two things is going to happen: one less new song on the album; no character song on the album. Either way we’re losing a “new” song. The revisions of character songs are usually much better than their originals anyway. The original “Aoki Hikari no Hate” is really dull in comparison to the Ultimate Mode on her 7th album. I’m sure this new “Meikyuu Butterfly” will be great. Although, I guess I do prefer the original “Koi no Yokushiryoku” to its “IMPACT EXCITER” revision. So I guess that throws the theory off, but I still like when she redoes character songs! Anyway, I want that album to come out whenever it does. More to buy, but it’s a Nana album so it’s required and very much worth it. I wonder what will be on the DVD? Or blu ray! Hopefully some more footage with English subs like the English lesson on the “IMPACT EXCITER” DVD. That was great! So, so great.

Anyway, I’m off to bed. Done enough for today.

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